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Care Institute Medical Society for Research and Education
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Name of Institution: Care Institute Medical Society for Research and Education.
Address: CIMS Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Science City Road, Sola, Tal.Daskroi, Dist. Ahmedabad.
Jurisdiction: Will be whole over India.
Aims:The aims of the institution will be as under.

MOU/MOA: MOA-Licensed
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Our Facilities

Advantage of scientific knowledge and research in relation to the medical science system in all its aspects to improve our basic understanding and to find better preventive measures and treatment of all types of diseases. To achieve these aims and objectives, the Society shall :


  1. Hold periodical meetings, conferences and social gatherings.
  2. Arrange clinical courses, discussions and demonstration on any subject of interest of the Society.
  3. Actively encourage research, teaching and training programmes at various centers.
  4. Engage in public education and training with the objective of improved preventing programmes for the welfare of all.
  5. Hold EMEs, short training courses, fellowship for any branch of medicine and surgery.
  6. Publish, distribute or otherwise circulate newsletter, magazines or any other learning/training material relating to medical/research or any other subject as decided by the Committee.
  7. Coordinate as necessary and as seen fir with other Societies or Organizations having similar and allied objectives.
  8. Raise and borrow money and invest any sum belonging to the Society not immediately required, in such a manner as the Society may think fit.
  9. To purchase /take or hire any office or building for society.
  10. Erect, maintain, improve or alter and keep in repairing any building occupied by the society.
  11. To hire/appoint as many number of employee/consultants for Smooth functioning of the society and pay them remuneration as deemed necessary.
  12. Primary objective of the society is non profit organization and donation/contribution/gift etc. received from the various person/institutions towards specific purpose will be utilized towards the specific purpose of education/training/research etc.
  13. Do all such other things as are cognate to the objective of the Society or are incidental or conductive to the attainment to the above objectives.
  14. The society will be non profit organization with main object will be of education, charity, organizing seminar, workshop, conference for enhancement of knowledge in the field of medical & research.